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You're still looking for more?   Okay, well, I don't want to disappoint.  I was born and raised in Forest Grove, Oregon.   I currently live just 6 blocks from the house where I grew up and amassed a large collection of animal figurines and 45 rpm records.  I am the 3rd of 4 children - the proverbial middle child.  (Keep in mind, 52% of all presidents of the U.S. were middles.)   I was an A+ student garnering awards yearly from fellow classmates as both the "most studious" and the "most humorous" female.  

My great plan for my life was to work at the local grocery store.  I am highly social, and was always curious about who bought the jars of pickled pigs feet.   While I never achieved my dream of being a star check out clerk, I still employ the skills of stocking organized shelves and creating a display that motivates buyers to purchase things they otherwise wouldn't.   Baked beans, anyone?

Both Seattle and Chicago have played home for me, but Oregon will always have my heart. With a passion to educate, entertain and empower others to live their best lives, I have earned six Emmy nominations and a host of national and regional awards.  

At home, I value time with my family, friends and eight spoiled rotten animals.  I love to ask questions both deep and meaningless and I usually have a song for every occasion.  I rarely turn down an opportunity for a competitive game of cards or a chance to make someone smile.  


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