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Most people have little clue as to what a 'producer' actually does.  Think of a producer as the engineer of the story.   Putting together a story oftentimes requires a camera, lights and audio gear, interviews, images, writing, planning, music, graphics and editing.  A producer holds the overall vision for each one of these elements and then makes each element come together seamlessly into the final project, like a quilt.   I think of producing as half event planner / half therapist because I constantly organize and plan for every scenario throughout the process, while at the same time rallying concerned people around one vision.  One of my superpowers--if you will--is to help make guests comfortable when the camera is facing them.  I believe when guests feel comfortable, they share more openly and earnestly.   I also like to dot all my i's and cross my t's in preparing for production so we don't waste time and money. 


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Like a triple threat actor who can sing, dance AND act, I enjoy many mediums of telling stories.  Whether I use video production, writing, photography, speaking or a combination, it's my specific skills that help elicit the end goal. 
It has been said a picture paints a thousand words, so imagine what video can do. Because of two decades criss-crossing the country for national clients, my contacts include some of the finest videographers in America.  I am happy to find the best fit for each project.  Over the years, I've developed a keen interest in shooting video myself.  I own a Canon XF 100 video camera that provides wonderful second camera options or as a main camera if budgets are tight.  
I love words and when I string them together in unique ways, I can tell a myriad of fascinating stories.  My writing reveals depth, wisdom and oftentimes, humor.   Whether I'm writing for myself or to express the 'voice' of someone else, I am careful to create a welcoming tone that draws in the reader or listener.  As a humanities major (which combines writing, journalism, speech and literature) in college, I spent a lot of time learning the rules of writing.  I have written for many formats and platforms.  One of my dreams is to write more dynamic copy for Carson Daly on NBC's The Voice so the audience doesn't have to endure him saying 'give it up' for each contestant that takes the stage to sing.   

High schools, middle schools, civic groups and retirement homes have asked me to speak.  From inspiration through perspiration, I love to share enlivening stories of how I went from living in a small, rural town to working for Oprah.   I have a powerful message about the key to achieving your dreams.  I welcome more opportunities to speak on a wide range of topics. 
A Fun Fact

Shelly has had the opportunity to meet and work with some of her favorite childhood singers:  BeBe Winans, Toni Tennille, Natalie Cole to name a few.  

My grandpa was a professional photographer and was responsible for photographing a good percentage of the weddings and senior photos in the area.  I inherited his love for photographing people and documenting events, but I also have a special passion for shooting pets--perhaps because I have my own veritable zoo. 
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