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Your notes are impeccable. That is why I can get inside your head when I'm in Chicago to see your vision.  You make putting the show together easy and without guesswork. Also, you cover your bases. When something is mentioned, you have the element or b-roll to cover it." 

~Rick Mahal, Editor, The Quilt Show 

You have been the coolest, most chill, 'totally gets it' kind of gal that I have worked with in a long time!"                         ~Carson Kressley, Celebrity Stylist 

The piece turned out REALLY well...all the editors who looked at it could not keep dry eyes, and there was one cry of 'that's a damn Emmy!'  I'm actually going to pitch this show as the premiere."                 

Josie Viviano, The Dr. Phil Show 

You are a master at your craft.  Thanks for being my yoda for my first shoot!"     

~Neha Datt, Oprah's Lifeclass

You are amazing in the way you get everything to run so smoothly and easily. You are a real pro and I enjoyed watching you work."                                   

 ~Jane Hall, Quiltmaker 

You're always so relaxed and easy to communicate with." 

~Chris Conder, Director of Photography, Nashville, TN

I can't thank you enough for shooting/writing/editing the entire story! she was totally stunned.  It was beautiful and lifechanging for her!" 

~Veronica Votypka, Harpo Productions 

I love your sensitivity and compassion, let alone your skill and talent!"                                            

~Glinda Bridgforth, Financial Expert

OMG! I just watched the video and could not be more proud! You did an excellent job. I just could not stop crying. You have touched my heart so deeply that I can not express the words to tell you exactly how I feel. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough."   

~Sherry Boyer, Mother, Anna, TX

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